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Ashoka Kulfi..

“Let’s eat kulfi” I told baba while ordering kulfi on zomato. Baba said just wait I will get for u..the kulfi shop being just at the end of the street. 

Just a stroll along the road, I revisited so many moments that we had spent together. In the times where there was no word called obese, he used to take all of us to a famous kulfi shop called “Ashoka Kulfi” and we used to binge on a small pot of delicious kulfi..

Ashoka kulfi was what I believed all my childhood as it healed my mom’s sore throat, whenever she ate it with sore throat. 

In my dreams, one day I demanded Ashoka kulfi..must have blabbered something while being in deep got the kulfi right away despite it being an ungodly hour. 

So many memories churning in my mind..

The door bell rang..baba brought me mango kulfi…I got excited like a child again..started eating my kulfi and feeding my daughter the same with inexplicable joy ..

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The morning tea…

The morning tea: 

It has been a month that I have been very busy..some important life events and so on..

In all these days a human being looks forward not to the day but to the warmth that each activity would give him..some things shudnt be included in the madness of the day is my opinion…one of the thing which I don’t generally include in the madness of the day is..the morning tea…

All these busy I get up too exhausted an morning tea routine is always fulfilled by my father…

He gets up makes a good tea and then says a nice good morning that I get up and have tea..there cannot be a better start of the day..the warmth of him giving me that potion of magic is enormous..his love reflects in waking me up so well..fathers of these days shud learn and also husbands if they can…its not the money that ur wife / daughter needs its just the warmth in their action which makes all the difference.

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A lil bit about Shah Rukh Khan

Jo kuchh nahi karte, wo Kamaal karte hain (those who do not do anything do wonders)…said shah rukh khan in one of his interviews with anupam kher. Shah Rukh Khan was never my favorite hero. He was never handsome, never a chocolate boy like amir khan, he never had a launch like salman and never that his movie grossed as much as Maine Pyaar Kiya or hum apke hain koun?? Something else was present in this young lad when he was paired against terribly dark looking kajol in baazigar. I don’t know what drove me to take my father and my lil sister to the theatre and watch that movie. The movie was good. His mere hums afar, kitabe bohotsi and more than anything else…ye kali kali aakhen…did i like him at that time…no not at all. He was ok….
Then came anjaam and his eccentric character who would torment my fav heroine madhuri…how could i like him then…
Slowly the era started where hero also played comedy along with other comedians. Shah rukh stepped onto it quite easily. Songs of all his movies started ringing in my ears…did i like him saying” maan ja ae khudaa itnisi hain dua main jyaada nahi mangataaa…??” no not at was just abhijeet’s voice and the whole concept of that song which i liked…..
Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge came and it really did not sweep me off the floor…ugly looking kajol and lil bit odd looking shah rukh…a bit of family drama and nice what i summed up DDLJ. When he waved his hand to Kajol in na jane mere dil ko kya ho gaya…did I like him? Not much…he was just looking so handsome…thats it.
Years have passed, some time it was “aakhon me teri” and i liked deepika than shah rukh..for he had not done anything spectacular in it, believe me..
In happy new year, i felt it was an attempt by farah khan to make a movie aping hollywood. Eight packs of shah rukh were ok not commendable as salman khan…Fan movie was a good thriller but again…i would have loved to see something else in there….
All this while I saw him at the peak of his stardom. People crazy to catch a glimpse of him in front of mannat..nicely named bungalow…his twitter handle which shows you how polished he is…
His relationship with his co stars especially ladies..coming across as a thorough gentleman..and most of all his business acumen. All this while i was thinking that this guy was not doing anything…but actually he was doing all the kamaal when the world was sleeping or doing something else.
Yday i happened to watch DILWALE and saw a tamed down shah rukh khan. The extra shots were saying just the opposite of what I have seen in his eyes in this movie. I must confess that I loved him in each frame of this movie and would follow every bit of his work forever..because Jo Kuchh Nahi Karte hai Wo Kamal Karte hai… hats off to the work that he has done for all this while. Commendable and truly inspirational.
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All about creativity!

Spa still life with bamboo fountain and zen stone
For the creative extraordinaire.  we need to be like a bamboo and let THE SUPREME one flow. 


Creativity is generally overrated. Only a few people are called creative whereas others are eager to admit that they are not creative people. There is a reason behind admitting that they are not creative. First of all being a creative is a big responsibility. Being responsible for the creation..being responsible for doing extraordinary work. We see people just dragging their feet doing their daily chores. Does dragging makes their work extraordinary? Certainly not.

Dragging the work, and then slowly dragging their lives.

Here is where we lack the extraordinaire. Osho says, every person is creative. Yes, every child is creative. But I doubt when I say that every student is creative. A process of learning or the current norms of education leave all the students creatively handicapped.

So, do we need to wait for next Michael Angelo to happen? or should be wait till god gives us another kalidas? We do not need to wait because we still have people who in their own way are creative but are marred by the societal responsibilities on them.

It is a paradox that with creativity you may seldom get money and fame. But who cares. Money and fame is for the ego and the materialistic world. The creative species in the world, survive mostly on their extra ordinary work…

Their work is worship!!

The world doesn’t understand a creative brain, or everyone understands it but they pretend not to understand. Creativity is a process, work becomes extraordinary when THE SUPREME one takes charge and makes the work happen. Words flow and the writer doesn’t know when did he complete the article. A designer works on his graphics to the point that he finishes it and doesn’t realise the amount of work he has done. This kind of work is creativity. Till you reach that point, you will not get extraordinary results.

Working towards perfection is bringing an obstacle to the creativity. Perfection is ego and creativity happens only when there is no ego.

Think about it!


P.S: Reading a book “Creativity” by osho, the article is influenced by the same.

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A dream of Digital India

A lot has been brewing over digital india campaign which was launched by our Prime Minister Mr. Modi. News Channels, News Papers and all the media has been telling the stories about digital india campaign. Here is a quick look about the 9 basic things that contribute to this campaign.

digital india

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Tune into your week with 3 productivity apps


Monday can be a super charger and a game changer with a dash of technology. So, toss out those monday blues and tune into these super productivity apps. These productivity apps would prepare you well for dancing on the rhythm of the world till you hit the weekend.

Letterspace:  This is a suave version of apple notes where you can take and organise notes with hashtag. A good interface helps make the note making much much easier. A clutter free to-do list is the icing on the cake. Have a look

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Trello: A little more professional way of organising your work and your personal things, trello is a good app for those who would like to be organised at a touch of the app. You can actually bypass emails with Trello, create your own team’s workspace and navigate through your daily work. Have a look here. This is a super app with nice reminders about the work which you have pending on your to do list. This functionality works as if someone is talking to you for completing your work. The Interface is nice and the whole feel is good. gives professional touch to your to do list and with reminders it feels personal too. Have a look here

This are simple apps which everyone can use and have their work done as planned. Be it Trello, or Letterspace, an app can only help you organise, something more that is required to be organised is the sheer will of not letting any moment slip through your hand and to make the most of every minute. Have a great week ahead.

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What are you upto today?

“The greatest challenge of the day is: how to bring about a revolution of the heart, a revolution which has to start with each one of us?”

Yes!! I am doing my bit here.

Training people on project management and bringing the revolution of each of their hearts about this simple subject is what I like about training them.

What are you upto today?


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Leadership Styles – Which one do you exhibit?

leadershipProject management is a team work and projects are successful when this team work is performed with zeal. Though there are many more variables for project’s success, the leadership of a project management professional is constant.

The one question which arises here is whether the leaders are born or they are made. From the examples of exemplary leaderships in all types of industries, it can be concluded that the leaders are born but the inborn quality which they possess should be nurtured by mentors. The leaders are made as well but again there is that little difference of imbibed quality and possessed quality of leadership.

A Project Manager has a huge responsibility of not only making the project a success but also to make the team members equally satisfied with the work they have performed. The interpersonal skills like leadership, influencing skills along with decision making skills which they possess plays an important role.


Leadership is defined as the action of leading a group of people or having capability to do so. It is said correctly, that a person leading a group of people or having a capacity to lead is said to have leadership quality. Let us say, you have a team and the team leader or a Project Manager who is not very proactive, he rather gauges his every move carefully and does not take any decisions without consulting his team. Do you think the project manager has a leadership quality. Well, the leadership style he possesses is different than that of a common perception of a leader.

There is a misconception about the leadership quality possessed by the people at key positions. In this article, several leadership styles are discussed in detail

Popular Leadership Styles


We see a lot of autocratic leaders around, leaders overpowering their team are called as autocratic leaders. In the past the world has seen autocratic leaders like Adolf Hitler.


These types of leaders more often go by the book. They are people of rules and for them it is essential that their staff should follow all the rules explicitly.


A project manager with democratic leadership style always consults the team members before taking important decision.


Charismatic leaders lead teams with lots of enthusiasm and their main aim is the drive others in the right direction. Obviously, they exhibit high levels of energy.


The project manager possessing this type of leadership style lets the team work on its own. He demonstrates full confidence in team’s capability.

Servant Leadership

These types of leaders are not recognized as such and hence categorized under servant leadership style. This type of leadership comes under bottom up consultative leadership styles.

Task Oriented Leadership

As the name specifies, the task oriented leaders are more focused on accomplishing the tasks on hand.

Facilitating Leadership

Leaders should be good facilitators. A good facilitator is a combination of a person having good interpersonal skills with enhanced leadership qualities. When the Project Manager facilitates team members it is more likely that the team members would contribute more to the team and to the project.

Transformational Leadership

It is said that the transformational leaders are the natural leaders. Transformational leaders are the best when it comes to boosting performance of team members. These leaders are equipped with relevant types of mechanism for achieving their vision of a project. Transformational leader is also attentive to the progress of a team member, encouraging the team member to take further challenges and is quick to identify team’s strength and weakness.

These are some of the leadership styles which you can identify in people surrounding you. A smart leader is the one who changes his style according to the situation.

So, have you identified your leadership style yet?

The article is published here “”

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Love what you do…

Articulating, off late has become my passion. Without it a day seems to be incomplete. So much need of expressing and writing has never been there before. Spending hours and hours together at the desk, sitting, pondering over a plenty thoughts. Pondering, that too with no particular direction, manifesting a free flow, flow like a river, facing hurdles but just eroding those with tremendous force, the force of articulation.

Every object is a subject with subjectivity, may be because it is the belief which brings out the best. The good concoction of words comes through the sweet bitter experience which you get through these objects. Working on varied topics adds to the zing just like that lemon tinge in vodka.

While the life revolves around the objectivity and subjectivity of the beliefs, sometimes there is just nothing to it; something like void exists if you just look at the other end of the life. Working on every moment is what brings you to this void which is just nothing. So is it that nothing for which we work? Yes, that void seems to be a fulfilment, just like a space scientist working on to find out what is there in the void of space. It is that curiosity which has brought to us so many myths and secrets about space. Am I curious about the void? Absolutely not. I am just worried to the core about my present moment, fearful of losing it, afraid that it is slipping out of my hand, till that point where I make myself sure that I will not let it slip empty. I will adorn every moment with a take away. Sometime this obsession is so much that I lose my sleep to it; the restlessness it gives to me is just like labour pains when the baby is trying to get out of the stomach. Bringing something new in this world is so difficult and challenging!!

The objects are the subjects of my musings; they are the core of my passion. Everything around gives my brain an essential fodder. Then, the phase of Trans. A phase which moves me from this objective world to the subjective world. Which is my own and where I rule and ask my words to help me rule. This ruling doesn’t have the arrogance though. It is the purity of each and every thought which is the essence of the wordy empire.

The struggle of existence is crucial. The process of writing has many facets to it. The empire of words which is built on the concept of objective subjectivity has to go through the pyre of fire to prove its worth. The pyre is nothing but marketing. The by-product of this Agni pariksha can be called as a deliverable which is acceptable to the client.

Is it worth the exercise? I would say yes. The acceptance of your thought process makes you feel appreciated. I fall in love with what I do, yet again. Believing that what Steve jobs said is absolutely right. Steve turned his passion into love of his life. Look at the absolute love in all the animation movies of Pixar… complete divinity in motion. He could only do it because he loved all of it. But then where the company called “Apple” come from. Steve could see beyond the void that’s why he is a new age technology sage, whereas the mortals like me are still stuck in making every moment work for them. Long way to go……


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Are you a Freelancer or an Entrepreneur?



So what are you?

It is awesome to be one of them. But you would be kidding yourself if you act like one but in reality you are the other one. This simple distinction in itself can clear a lot of confusion and bring clarity at times of frustrations. I can totally understand your feeling of not getting the results you are expecting despite of your hard work and perceived expectation. And trust me on this – it is perfectly fine because many among us have this confusion and lack of clarity. But upon understanding your true motives and being absolutely true to yourself in terms of what you are and what you are aiming for, you can breathe a sigh of relief. This will bring you clarity so that you can do what needs to be done rather than beating around the bushes.


And that is the simplest form…

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You know when you find it!

One of my very good friend has forwarded this thought for the day which elaborates on Steve Job’s philosophy.


So, keep doing great work and wait for the intuition. You really will know when you find something you like. But yes, this statement looks a bit hypothetical. It is not always that the things you like will make you a billionaire. If you pursue something you like, you might not earn enough money for your livelihood, but you just might get the satisfaction of doing what you like.  Be careful and decide what is your priority? Is it money or passion. or whether you have the capacity to change your passion into big money? Choice is all yours.

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Great Hopes make great women too!!!


Well, have you ever dreamt big and were able to deliver very little? It happens to most of us many a times, somethings you realize somethings you don’t and somethings will be shown to you by your superiors (In the worst case!!) I would say till we are introspective and open to suggestions this delivery part can be always dealt with. But what if you do not at all dream big. There is a fundamental problem.

The above pic says Great hopes make Great Men…and I would say they make great women too. Hope, Dreams, Intuitions are somethings which human beings are born with. Make the most of it and your life would certainly be delightful…if you have any doubt…comment!!

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Women Empowerment through freelancing

women's day

Happy Women’s day to all the beautiful ladies!

Have been thinking about what to write on this blog on the eve of Women’s Day!!  Some pointers and topics came up on the canvas and I travelled back to my college days. Those days were indeed carefree and beautiful with no worries of future.

I wish I have had a little idea of how the life is going to change after 4-5 years of working and then the time is going to come where I have to sit back and decide on what to do?

Yes the qualification which I have got is certainly helping me to do what I am doing today but still what lacked was the orientation of entrepreneurship/ freelancing at the right age.

We speak about empowering woman, is our education system/ industry really good enough to build a successful career of a woman who has taken a break for motherhood? Leaving apart some of the corporate and government organizations the situation is not as good as we perceive.

Here is where, the orientation of freelancing comes into picture. Do we really make our daughters independent enough to get into freelancing and then into their own business? The answer is mostly no.

A typical lifecycle of a lady goes like. Getting a professional degree, doing masters, getting a better job, working 4-5 years, getting married, having kids and then comes a pause. By the time we get hang of our mommy hood, the world has already moved on with new technology and different competencies. Some girls are lucky that they would get a real long break and they can re-join the companies or otherwise the career mostly goes for a toss.

I have personally met mommies having all the capability of getting into the groove but cannot do so with the lack of opportunities and less appetite for risk.

My take on the women empowerment saga is to make every girl child capable of earning her own bread through freelancing or entrepreneurship. We as mothers should inculcate the out of the box thinking and the roots of entrepreneurship into our daughters. This is one of the ways of getting them out of the increased job insecurity and excessive mental stress.

As there is a need of empowering women in the rural areas, now, it is the time to even understand the pain points of the urban women. The kind of capacity she possesses, I am sure she can empower herself. There is a need to identify the right opportunities and have proper orientation towards freelancing and entrepreneurship.

Ultimately, behind every successful woman there is only one person – she herself.

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