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Ashoka Kulfi..

“Let’s eat kulfi” I told baba while ordering kulfi on zomato. Baba said just wait I will get for u..the kulfi shop being just at the end of the street. 

Just a stroll along the road, I revisited so many moments that we had spent together. In the times where there was no word called obese, he used to take all of us to a famous kulfi shop called “Ashoka Kulfi” and we used to binge on a small pot of delicious kulfi..

Ashoka kulfi was what I believed all my childhood as it healed my mom’s sore throat, whenever she ate it with sore throat. 

In my dreams, one day I demanded Ashoka kulfi..must have blabbered something while being in deep got the kulfi right away despite it being an ungodly hour. 

So many memories churning in my mind..

The door bell rang..baba brought me mango kulfi…I got excited like a child again..started eating my kulfi and feeding my daughter the same with inexplicable joy ..

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The morning tea…

The morning tea: 

It has been a month that I have been very busy..some important life events and so on..

In all these days a human being looks forward not to the day but to the warmth that each activity would give him..some things shudnt be included in the madness of the day is my opinion…one of the thing which I don’t generally include in the madness of the day is..the morning tea…

All these busy I get up too exhausted an morning tea routine is always fulfilled by my father…

He gets up makes a good tea and then says a nice good morning that I get up and have tea..there cannot be a better start of the day..the warmth of him giving me that potion of magic is enormous..his love reflects in waking me up so well..fathers of these days shud learn and also husbands if they can…its not the money that ur wife / daughter needs its just the warmth in their action which makes all the difference.