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All about creativity!

Spa still life with bamboo fountain and zen stone
For the creative extraordinaire.  we need to be like a bamboo and let THE SUPREME one flow. 


Creativity is generally overrated. Only a few people are called creative whereas others are eager to admit that they are not creative people. There is a reason behind admitting that they are not creative. First of all being a creative is a big responsibility. Being responsible for the creation..being responsible for doing extraordinary work. We see people just dragging their feet doing their daily chores. Does dragging makes their work extraordinary? Certainly not.

Dragging the work, and then slowly dragging their lives.

Here is where we lack the extraordinaire. Osho says, every person is creative. Yes, every child is creative. But I doubt when I say that every student is creative. A process of learning or the current norms of education leave all the students creatively handicapped.

So, do we need to wait for next Michael Angelo to happen? or should be wait till god gives us another kalidas? We do not need to wait because we still have people who in their own way are creative but are marred by the societal responsibilities on them.

It is a paradox that with creativity you may seldom get money and fame. But who cares. Money and fame is for the ego and the materialistic world. The creative species in the world, survive mostly on their extra ordinary work…

Their work is worship!!

The world doesn’t understand a creative brain, or everyone understands it but they pretend not to understand. Creativity is a process, work becomes extraordinary when THE SUPREME one takes charge and makes the work happen. Words flow and the writer doesn’t know when did he complete the article. A designer works on his graphics to the point that he finishes it and doesn’t realise the amount of work he has done. This kind of work is creativity. Till you reach that point, you will not get extraordinary results.

Working towards perfection is bringing an obstacle to the creativity. Perfection is ego and creativity happens only when there is no ego.

Think about it!


P.S: Reading a book “Creativity” by osho, the article is influenced by the same.