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A dream of Digital India

A lot has been brewing over digital india campaign which was launched by our Prime Minister Mr. Modi. News Channels, News Papers and all the media has been telling the stories about digital india campaign. Here is a quick look about the 9 basic things that contribute to this campaign.

digital india

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Tune into your week with 3 productivity apps


Monday can be a super charger and a game changer with a dash of technology. So, toss out those monday blues and tune into these super productivity apps. These productivity apps would prepare you well for dancing on the rhythm of the world till you hit the weekend.

Letterspace:  This is a suave version of apple notes where you can take and organise notes with hashtag. A good interface helps make the note making much much easier. A clutter free to-do list is the icing on the cake. Have a look

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Trello: A little more professional way of organising your work and your personal things, trello is a good app for those who would like to be organised at a touch of the app. You can actually bypass emails with Trello, create your own team’s workspace and navigate through your daily work. Have a look here. This is a super app with nice reminders about the work which you have pending on your to do list. This functionality works as if someone is talking to you for completing your work. The Interface is nice and the whole feel is good. gives professional touch to your to do list and with reminders it feels personal too. Have a look here

This are simple apps which everyone can use and have their work done as planned. Be it Trello, or Letterspace, an app can only help you organise, something more that is required to be organised is the sheer will of not letting any moment slip through your hand and to make the most of every minute. Have a great week ahead.