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Great Hopes make great women too!!!


Well, have you ever dreamt big and were able to deliver very little? It happens to most of us many a times, somethings you realize somethings you don’t and somethings will be shown to you by your superiors (In the worst case!!) I would say till we are introspective and open to suggestions this delivery part can be always dealt with. But what if you do not at all dream big. There is a fundamental problem.

The above pic says Great hopes make Great Men…and I would say they make great women too. Hope, Dreams, Intuitions are somethings which human beings are born with. Make the most of it and your life would certainly be delightful…if you have any doubt…comment!!

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Women Empowerment through freelancing

women's day

Happy Women’s day to all the beautiful ladies!

Have been thinking about what to write on this blog on the eve of Women’s Day!!  Some pointers and topics came up on the canvas and I travelled back to my college days. Those days were indeed carefree and beautiful with no worries of future.

I wish I have had a little idea of how the life is going to change after 4-5 years of working and then the time is going to come where I have to sit back and decide on what to do?

Yes the qualification which I have got is certainly helping me to do what I am doing today but still what lacked was the orientation of entrepreneurship/ freelancing at the right age.

We speak about empowering woman, is our education system/ industry really good enough to build a successful career of a woman who has taken a break for motherhood? Leaving apart some of the corporate and government organizations the situation is not as good as we perceive.

Here is where, the orientation of freelancing comes into picture. Do we really make our daughters independent enough to get into freelancing and then into their own business? The answer is mostly no.

A typical lifecycle of a lady goes like. Getting a professional degree, doing masters, getting a better job, working 4-5 years, getting married, having kids and then comes a pause. By the time we get hang of our mommy hood, the world has already moved on with new technology and different competencies. Some girls are lucky that they would get a real long break and they can re-join the companies or otherwise the career mostly goes for a toss.

I have personally met mommies having all the capability of getting into the groove but cannot do so with the lack of opportunities and less appetite for risk.

My take on the women empowerment saga is to make every girl child capable of earning her own bread through freelancing or entrepreneurship. We as mothers should inculcate the out of the box thinking and the roots of entrepreneurship into our daughters. This is one of the ways of getting them out of the increased job insecurity and excessive mental stress.

As there is a need of empowering women in the rural areas, now, it is the time to even understand the pain points of the urban women. The kind of capacity she possesses, I am sure she can empower herself. There is a need to identify the right opportunities and have proper orientation towards freelancing and entrepreneurship.

Ultimately, behind every successful woman there is only one person – she herself.

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