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A lil bit about Shah Rukh Khan

Jo kuchh nahi karte, wo Kamaal karte hain (those who do not do anything do wonders)…said shah rukh khan in one of his interviews with anupam kher. Shah Rukh Khan was never my favorite hero. He was never handsome, never a chocolate boy like amir khan, he never had a launch like salman and never that his movie grossed as much as Maine Pyaar Kiya or hum apke hain koun?? Something else was present in this young lad when he was paired against terribly dark looking kajol in baazigar. I don’t know what drove me to take my father and my lil sister to the theatre and watch that movie. The movie was good. His mere hums afar, kitabe bohotsi and more than anything else…ye kali kali aakhen…did i like him at that time…no not at all. He was ok….
Then came anjaam and his eccentric character who would torment my fav heroine madhuri…how could i like him then…
Slowly the era started where hero also played comedy along with other comedians. Shah rukh stepped onto it quite easily. Songs of all his movies started ringing in my ears…did i like him saying” maan ja ae khudaa itnisi hain dua main jyaada nahi mangataaa…??” no not at was just abhijeet’s voice and the whole concept of that song which i liked…..
Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge came and it really did not sweep me off the floor…ugly looking kajol and lil bit odd looking shah rukh…a bit of family drama and nice what i summed up DDLJ. When he waved his hand to Kajol in na jane mere dil ko kya ho gaya…did I like him? Not much…he was just looking so handsome…thats it.
Years have passed, some time it was “aakhon me teri” and i liked deepika than shah rukh..for he had not done anything spectacular in it, believe me..
In happy new year, i felt it was an attempt by farah khan to make a movie aping hollywood. Eight packs of shah rukh were ok not commendable as salman khan…Fan movie was a good thriller but again…i would have loved to see something else in there….
All this while I saw him at the peak of his stardom. People crazy to catch a glimpse of him in front of mannat..nicely named bungalow…his twitter handle which shows you how polished he is…
His relationship with his co stars especially ladies..coming across as a thorough gentleman..and most of all his business acumen. All this while i was thinking that this guy was not doing anything…but actually he was doing all the kamaal when the world was sleeping or doing something else.
Yday i happened to watch DILWALE and saw a tamed down shah rukh khan. The extra shots were saying just the opposite of what I have seen in his eyes in this movie. I must confess that I loved him in each frame of this movie and would follow every bit of his work forever..because Jo Kuchh Nahi Karte hai Wo Kamal Karte hai… hats off to the work that he has done for all this while. Commendable and truly inspirational.