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Love what you do…

Articulating, off late has become my passion. Without it a day seems to be incomplete. So much need of expressing and writing has never been there before. Spending hours and hours together at the desk, sitting, pondering over a plenty thoughts. Pondering, that too with no particular direction, manifesting a free flow, flow like a river, facing hurdles but just eroding those with tremendous force, the force of articulation.

Every object is a subject with subjectivity, may be because it is the belief which brings out the best. The good concoction of words comes through the sweet bitter experience which you get through these objects. Working on varied topics adds to the zing just like that lemon tinge in vodka.

While the life revolves around the objectivity and subjectivity of the beliefs, sometimes there is just nothing to it; something like void exists if you just look at the other end of the life. Working on every moment is what brings you to this void which is just nothing. So is it that nothing for which we work? Yes, that void seems to be a fulfilment, just like a space scientist working on to find out what is there in the void of space. It is that curiosity which has brought to us so many myths and secrets about space. Am I curious about the void? Absolutely not. I am just worried to the core about my present moment, fearful of losing it, afraid that it is slipping out of my hand, till that point where I make myself sure that I will not let it slip empty. I will adorn every moment with a take away. Sometime this obsession is so much that I lose my sleep to it; the restlessness it gives to me is just like labour pains when the baby is trying to get out of the stomach. Bringing something new in this world is so difficult and challenging!!

The objects are the subjects of my musings; they are the core of my passion. Everything around gives my brain an essential fodder. Then, the phase of Trans. A phase which moves me from this objective world to the subjective world. Which is my own and where I rule and ask my words to help me rule. This ruling doesn’t have the arrogance though. It is the purity of each and every thought which is the essence of the wordy empire.

The struggle of existence is crucial. The process of writing has many facets to it. The empire of words which is built on the concept of objective subjectivity has to go through the pyre of fire to prove its worth. The pyre is nothing but marketing. The by-product of this Agni pariksha can be called as a deliverable which is acceptable to the client.

Is it worth the exercise? I would say yes. The acceptance of your thought process makes you feel appreciated. I fall in love with what I do, yet again. Believing that what Steve jobs said is absolutely right. Steve turned his passion into love of his life. Look at the absolute love in all the animation movies of Pixar… complete divinity in motion. He could only do it because he loved all of it. But then where the company called “Apple” come from. Steve could see beyond the void that’s why he is a new age technology sage, whereas the mortals like me are still stuck in making every moment work for them. Long way to go……



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