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Wanna try freelancing?? for which trade???


There are many different industries having different demands and workloads when it comes to working in those industries. Once, you are a part of one of them you try to find out people/ professionals who are similar to you and whom you can relate to.

I have been on this “find similarity” spree from the day I started freelancing and thanks to my observation I have been able to find out many trades which can be successfully taken up as a freelancer.


Photography has always been a freelancing profession it just did not have

If you feel that you can see the world from the back of the lens better than what you see without it then this is a good option for you. The business of photography has been blooming as there is a huge demand for lifestyle photography.

Stand-up comedian:

A very skill specific job but then if your have lot many witty words in your kitty and you are sure that people are bound to find you funny enough to laugh their hearts out, be a stand-up comedian. As all freelancing trades there is no sure-shot pathway to success. It is a lot of hard work.


I have been imagining a painter as a freelancer from my childhood days and it is still the same. This is a hugely creative field and I am sure, no creativity can follow deadlines. Rather it is hard to bind a creative mind with some crazy deadline.


A lot has been written about writing and freelancing. This trade is for those who find their soul in words. Writer is a hard to find specie. Take this up if you have always wanted to weave words to let the world know what’s happening in your part of the world. Get yourself blogging or start writing content for magazines and alike.

The pain point here is how much should you charge for your services. Well, we are going to discuss this point in the next post and some add on to the above list.

But more than being a freelancer it is being natural in whatever you do. That’s the biggest key of success.


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