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The “me” speech


I have been away for a while with a packed schedule of trainings and this time I have done trainings to my heart’s content. Training opportunity is always a way to bond with a new set of people. The fun part is I get to know what is trending in all types of industries.  The professional issues which the trainees are facing and also their quest to learn despite of all the issues is something to learn from.

Being a trainer, the first thing which the professionals would like me to tell is what I do? In short they want me to give a “me” speech. Thanks to Carol Tice for introducing this word to me through one of her articles on her popular blog “make a living writing”.

Initially, I used to fumble and used to say whatever comes to my mind. “Well, I am a freelancer doing so and so and from these many years blah blah” but some time later I started feeling that it is not leaving any impact on the audience. Basically, if I am not able to say whatever I am doing in exciting way, it is leaving a question mark on the confidence levels I possess. While training confidence is  the most important virtue and it may act as a catalyst.

The “me” speech had to be exciting because the first and foremost purpose of it is to make you feel enthusiastic about the work you are doing. And training for a professional certification is generally a four day affair, which gives me a lot of time to network and bond with people of different trades.  This “me” speech was a part which I had to work on in order to make the first impression (and as a freelancer you might not get such an easy gateway for introducing yourself).

The “me” speech is totally effective in launching yourself in front of your prospective clients without much hassle.  You never know at what instance you may bump on a potential client.

Let us take a look at what should you include in the “me” speech.

–          A brief and an exciting introduction about yourself and what you do.

–          Couple it up with what kind of clients you would like to work with as in your expectation from the client ( You never know you may be talking to a prospect)

–          Give some instances of your work as well to make the other person understand what exactly your scope of work (if time permits)

–          Be yourself while narrating your “me” speech

For some days now, I have been working on my “me speech” and though I have not crossed my ways with a good amount of prospects as yet, it gives me a huge high saying good things about me and my profession.

Wanna try it???

Here is Carol’s blog if you would like to read.

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