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The Write Thing!


Imagine a day when there is a cloud of words surrounding you all the time. The august company of words is overwhelming at times. Besides making you feel assured, it helps you identify yourself over and over again. Be it just a simple blog post or an urgent requirement from a client, words keep coming on the interface of mind and they find their way to the console through the fingertips. Is it really that simple? No…not really.

Let us take a look at what exactly goes in for an article.

A bunch of thoughts

A lot of thought has to be poured in, followed by constant mulling over words. The palette of words presents some good ones, okay ones and the best ones. Choosing them appropriately to build a string of sentence can prove to be the toughest task if there are specific requirements from your client.

The harmony of words

Every article has to have its own persona. You have to set the tone of your article right at the starting of it. It is also very important to understand what you want to tell your reader. Do you want them to just follow the article as instructions or you would like to present your readers with the harmony of words which stays with them for a long time. I usually prefer the second one. Of course there are readers who would never indulge in reading huge paragraphs but the onus lies on you as an author of the article to create the attractive synergy of words, which appeals every reader. Always measure your successes based on whether the non-readers are finding your articles appealing or not?

Offerings to the reader

Packaging is a great deal. If you have all the above things in place without good packaging, the words will surely be losing their sheen. Relatively, whatever efforts you have put in creating the right perspective about the subject matter would not be as effective as it would if the presentation is not paid due attention.

In case of the articles on your blog, always have proper formatting and couple it with a good image. See to that the image is relevant to the subject matter you are writing. Spellings and grammar check is an essential part of packaging along with the right page size.

All your words should get the due respect when you are offering them to your readers. Ultimately, they are the ones which are building your relationship with your readers. The simile of thoughts, the perfect tone and the presentation blends together for building an everlasting connection with the reader. I am sure there are no exceptions to this at all


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