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Freelancing – starting hiccups

So are you a freelancer?? Well, can you please share how I need to tap on opportunities? This is a general question which people ask as they are curious about what goes into freelancing. On a lighter note, people don’t grow up with a dream of being a freelancer rather freelancing is a career choice which people opt out of no choice mostly . Most of them for sure make it big and some of them do not. This is the reality!! But that does not mean that freelancing is not a good option. I would rather say it is the best option for people who are proactive, would like to take things in their stride and work head on to earn money. Here, the hardwork pays!!

Let us check out some of the starting hiccups

How do I start?

The first step to freelance is to know what your strength is, can you paint well? Do you have graphic design skills which are outstanding? Can you write well? Can you train people with zeal and passion? Knowing your saleable skills is the first step of freelancing.

I know what I am good at now what next?

Internet is a superb tool to find out resources for the skills which you already possess, unless you have proper certification of your skill, who will award you with work? The next thing after knowing what exactly you want to do is getting certified for your skills. If you want to be a writer, attend a course on creative writing so that your skills are enhanced and you can approach and convince your clients more professionally.

Search for freelancing platforms

There are several platforms for freelancing such as,, etc. You can refer to these websites, get yourself registered and find jobs in the suitable category. You can also work your way by spreading a word via your Linkedin profile. Social networking websites like facebook, twitter also help create a good clientele if you share your professional updates regularly.

Building local clients

Spread a word among your colleagues and friends about the kind of services and work you offer. Building local clients and getting business regularly from them is a very important aspect of sustainability in freelancing.

I came across all these questions when I started out, I am sure you too must be thinking about the same..Now, atleast you have this page to step in.

Dont forget to check out the myths and realities of freelancing here.


3 thoughts on “Freelancing – starting hiccups

  1. Extra ordinarily written ….very very well said….each word comes out of a lot of experience …d sky is d limit….go ahead consistently ….longer race ahead


  2. Hi there,
    Nice article. Bravo..!!
    I got few more to point to suggest you.
    • Work records/documentation: – Do not confuse this with CV. This is a document, where you have everything recorded about your work. Ideally, it should have answers to basic questions like what exactly you did? When? How long (man-hours) it took you to complete it? Who else were involved? et. etc. You must have all this information stored at one place. One may use Excel or any other tool suitable for him.
    • Scans: – Do invest in a good scanner. Make a habit of scanning every important document. Be it a certificate or payment invoice. It can be hyperlinked to your excel data. Believe me, this comes very very handy.

    This kind of documentation shows that you are serious about what you do. Clients seem to get impressed with it. This helps you to get new contracts and build a relation with client.

    Good luck,


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